Repurposed House: Biloxi, Mississippi

Hurricane Katrina displaced large numbers of people and destroyed property over a large portion of the Gulf Coast. The Repurposed House was a project that sought to catalogue and repurpose construction materials redistributed by the storm on the building site. The client approached us with a desire to use much of the construction material that had been deposited on his site by a creek that became a river of construction materials and other waste.  Materials were categorized and evaluated for structural integrity. These catalogues were used to generate components in BIM software and populate the building as structural and cladding components.
The project called for retaining the existing structure as a workshop on the ground level and guest quarters upstairs. The new construction was designed with all living spaces 12′ above current levels to qualify for flood insurance and was bracketed by three large concrete walls supporting the living spaces and providing structural stability.

RePurpose House

Biloxi, MS

Project Design:

Jason S. Johnson

Project Team:

Ryan Kukuraitis

Jason Villareal


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