FXAT SCREEN at the 2015 RAIC Festival


The FXAT Screen was designed as a large scale urban object that exhibited the work of 15 Canadian architects as part of the Emerging Voice Exhibit at the 2015 Royal Architecture Institute of Canada (RAIC) Festival. Held in Calgary the festival brought together architects and designers for 4 days of exhibits, debates and lectures on the state of the architectural profession in Canada.  The FXAT Screen was located at the nexus of the festival’s program offerings Stephen Avenue in downtown Calgary.


Project Title: FXAT SCREEN

Client: Marc Boutin, Emerging Voice Curator

Location: Calgary, Canada

Project Design: Jason S. Johnson (MinusArchitectureStudio) & Josh Taron (Synthetiques.net)

Code + Fabrication Design: Matthew Parker

Project Completion: 2015

Fabrication: MaxPower, Calgary

Engineering: Entuitive

Assembly Coordination: Logan Armstrong

Project Team: Jason Johnson, Josh Taron, Matthew Parker, Logan Armstrong, Nicholas Perseo, Christina James, Ryan

Sponsors: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), Calgary Municipal Lands Corporation (CMLC),Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative (MBAC), Meadow Sage Builders, Clark Builders, Faculty of Environmental Design @ the University of Calgary

Photographs: Nicola Johnson, Nicholas Perseo

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