the CLOUD: Daegu Gosan Library Proposal


Project Title: the CLOUD

Location: City of Daegu, South Korea

Project Design: Jason S. Johnson (MinusArchitectureStudio)

Design Team: Alyssa Haas, Adam Onulov, Chris Sparrow

Project Date: 2012

North Elevation

North Elevation

Project Description:

The Library in the age of continuously fluid and highly portable information exists as much more than just a collection of books and resources. At its most potent it can act as the public domain in which the citizens of a city engage in the exchange of ideas, culture, shared experiences. We propose a library that refuses the notion of large uniform spaces as the containers of information in the form of books and physical resources, in favor of a continuous but changing space that allows for the new and old functions of the library to coexist. We call this the CLOUD.

the CLOUD assimilates the ever changing ways in which people access and share information by creating a highly varied set of spaces, in which users can interact, engage in group activities, browse book collections, find quiet reading areas and be educated and entertained.


the exterior surface of the CLOUD is designed in response to the interior and exterior demands of the library program, the climate and the desire to produce a visually stunning and iconic celebration of the city of Daegu. the CLOUD gathers information about the interests of its users and translates them into glowing pulses of light in the night sky.


Reading Room


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