MINUS ARCHITECTURE is a collaborative design research studio that works across scales to produce projects that engage contemporary design, fabrication and simulation tools for integrative project delivery. We combine a passion for collaboration and research with over 15 years of experience completing projects at various scales from the very small (furniture, lamps and objects) to the very large (airports, libraries and urban parks).

We are always looking for interesting projects to be a part of and provide both design services and collaborative relationships that engage cutting edge technologies for the production of your project. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about how we can help you design the future.


MINUS ARCHITECTURE is a collaborative research and design studio founded by Jason S. Johnson. We work with designers, fabricators, engineers, programmers, material scientists and any number of allied disciplines based on the needs of the project.

Jason S. Johnson has a Bachelor of Architecture from Ball State University in Indiana and a Masters of Architecture and Urbanism from the Architectural Association (AADRL) in London. He has practiced and taught architecture in the US, Europe and South America and currently teaches architecture at the University of Calgary (EVDS), and is a Co-Director of the Laboratory for Integrative Design.

Project Collaborators have included, Logan Armstrong, Guy Gardner, Alyssa Haas,Jodi James, Matthew Parker, Kurtis Nishiyama, Matt Knapik, Mike McGie, Ryan Kukuraitis, Jason Villareal



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